How to Change Your Nook Simple Touch Screen Saver [Guide]

The Nook Simple Touch (or Glow Light) features a couple of different screen saver themes (nature or authors) to display whenever your device goes to sleep. However, you can customize this with your own images very easily. Instructions after the break.

What you will need:

  • Nook Simple Touch (or Glow Light)
  • USB Cable
  • MicroSD card if you wish to store the images on the card instead of on the Nook


  1. Save your collection of images in a folder. Images should be 600×800 resolution and with high contrast so they stand out better. If not use an image editor to modify them.
  2. Give the folder an appropriate name and connect the Nook to your computer with the USB cable.
  3. Your computer should detect it and appear as a disk drive with the name ‘NOOK’. You will notice 2 disk drives if you have a MicroSD inserted in your nook. Select the drive where you would like to store the images and look for the ‘screensavers’ folder.
  4. Copy your image folder into the ‘screensavers’ folder.
  5. Disconnect the Nook from your computer. From your nook press the ‘n’ button, then select ‘Settings’ -> ‘Screensaver’ and select the name of your image folder.
  6. Success! Your Nook should now use your custom images when it is in sleep mode. You may need to reboot it for the changes to take effect.
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