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Get the Start Menu Button Back on Your Windows 8 Desktop

Windows 8 introduced many new features including the ‘Modern UI’ with live tiles originally from Windows Phone. One of the biggest omissions that has created a lot of controversy is the well-known ‘Start’ button from the desktop. I assume the reasoning behind this is that Microsoft would like you to start all your programs from the live tile interface instead. Fortunately, for those who must have it, there is a program that will put the button back and installation of it is a breeze. Instructions after the break.

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We Survived! Happy 2013

So the Mayans got 2012 wrong and the planet is alive and well which means good news for this blog. Expect more guides and quick impressions of things whenever I get the time. Wishing everybody a happy and fulfilling 2013 and beyond!


Classic NES Covers – DuckTales


Capcom always had some memorable game box art, some good, and some really, really bad ones (I’m looking at you Mega Man). Fortunately, their Disney lineup of games had a great combination of good artwork, fun game play, and amazing music. I was a casual fan of the cartoon show but I always was drawn to the game box art for how colorful it was. It made me want to buy the game based on the cover alone. If you were a fan of the NES-era, take a trip through memory lane and check out the full game play after the break.

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Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from Microsoft for Only $15 [Guide]

Microsoft recently released its next iteration of its Windows Operating System, Windows 8. It features a revamped user interface, a heavy focus on tablets/touchscreens, and is generally more lightweight compared to its previous iteration. Some longtime Windows users may be overwhelmed with the overhaul of the GUI but I’m starting to like it. The start bar has been around for over 20 years and I find it refreshing that Microsoft is willing to try something different and embrace change. It’s a risk, but I think its needed in era with constant competition with OSes from Apple and Google.

Anyway, to help smooth out the transition period, Microsoft is providing users the chance to update to Windows 8 for only $15 (instead of the regular $40) if they recently purchased a Windows 7 computer. This promotion was meant for recent Windows 7 purchasers however, people have reported that the promotional price applies to ANYBODY. I can confirm that it works as I was able to upgrade my 3-year old machine to Windows 8 without a hitch.

Willing to take the plunge? Full guide after the break.

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Nook Simple Touch Drops to $79 Buy and Root It!

The battle of the e-ink readers continues and Barnes and Noble just dropped the gauntlet dropping the price of their Nook Simple Touch to just $79. Although it doesn’t have the built in Glow Light, I think its the best value dedicated e-reader out there based on feature set alone. Heck I live in Canada and would be more than willing to go through the trouble of importing one.

It makes the perfect Christmas gift for the avid reader. Be sure to also check out my guide on how to root your Nook Simple Touch to really unleash its full potential and read stuff like manga!

You can buy the Nook Simple Touch from the Nook website here.


Watch Bane Freestyle in the Dark Knight Rises

Nuff said, check it out, its hilarious.

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Remap the Hardware Buttons of Your Rooted Nook Simple Touch [Guide]

If you’ve decided to root your Nook Simple Touch (or with Glow Light), you already know that one of the main reasons why is to be able to access the Google Play Store and install additional apps. After rooting, your Nook can read books from the Amazon Kindle, Kobo Reader, and even manga using the Mango app. One of the annoyances that I’ve experienced is that most of these apps do not support the page forward/back buttons on the Nook. Sure you can change pages using the touchscreen, but it would be more useful if I can make use of these buttons which only seem to work with the stock Nook reader. Fortunately, there is a easy way to fix that. Check after the break to find out how.

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How to Change Your Nook Simple Touch Screen Saver [Guide]

The Nook Simple Touch (or Glow Light) features a couple of different screen saver themes (nature or authors) to display whenever your device goes to sleep. However, you can customize this with your own images very easily. Instructions after the break.

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Root Your Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light [Guide]

I’ve previously showed how to jailbreak your Apple TV 2 to make it the ultimate video streaming device. I wanted to do something similar for an e-ink reader which is why I came across the  Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light. It’s a very versatile reader that supports ePub and PDF file formats, has a built-in Glow Light technology, and most importantly, can be rooted revealing the Android operating system (and thus allowing you to install apps from the Google Play store).

But you may ask, why buy an e-ink device when you can get a tablet like an Apple iPad or Amazon Fire for the same price? Simply put, I wanted a dedicated book reading device that would allow me to read for extended periods of time without eye strain. E-ink does have some advantages over traditional displays:

  • Low power consumption. E-ink only consumes power when it refreshes so you can use the device for several weeks before requiring recharging.
  • Glare free. Text appears crisp and clear regardless if you are viewing it in broad daylight. It’s is if you’re reading from an actual book.
  • No eyestrain. Doesn’t rely on a back light to display text so you don’t have light directed into your eye which causes fatigue.

The rooting process, although slightly longer, was essentially pain-free. So if you’re still interested, you can view the full guide after the break.

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Backup Your Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light for Rooting [Guide]

One of the benefits of owning a Nook Simple Touch is that it is easily root-able thanks to the community of developers behind the scenes. While hte process is rather straight forward, there’s always the possibility that something can go wrong. If that ever ever comes true, its good to have a back up plan. That is why it is very important to make a backup image of your Nook before you begin the root process. The worse-case scenario could be a bad flash resulting in your Nook becoming unresponsive, and thus a “bricking” the unit.

Fortunately, the back up process is easy as well and only takes a few minutes. It’s highly recommended that you do this just in case something goes wrong. The full write up after the break.

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