Pre-Order the Amazon Echo Dot without a Fire TV or Echo and $5 less [Deals]


Amazon just recently announced the Echo Dot, a smaller version of the Amazon Echo, a personal voice assistant device that can answer questions, control your smart home devices, etc. However, Amazon has made it difficult to pre-order it, limiting it to users who own the original Amazon Echo or a Fire TV to order via a voice command. You won’t be able to order it the traditional way through the website, but there is a workaround for it and it requires just your phone and for $5 less than the original price of $89.99

  1. First you’ll need to download the Amazon shopping app to your phone. It’s available on Android and iOS. However to get the $5 credit, you need to sign up from a referral link. If you need one, you can sign up with mine via this link:

  2. Follow the link and download the Amazon shopping app for your iPhone or Android device and use the app to create a Amazon account if you haven’t done so. After that, you’ll need to confirm your phone number via text message.Screenshot_20160308-135647
  3. Once you confirm your phone number, congrats, you’ll get a credit of $5 added to your Amazon account.
  4. Now in the app, select the mic icon and say ‘Add Echo Dot to Shopping Cart’. I had to say this a few times, but eventually the app will add the Echo Dot to your shopping cart.Screenshot_20160308-135731
  5. Finish checkout and your done! Echo Dot for $84.99 :DScreenshot_20160307-173312
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  • saraboulos

    Very good! It’s a nice way to listen to all kinds of music but I bought it so I could listen to my audio books. And it works wonderful.